The mission of E3 Achievement is to empower youth and adults to create a better future through education, career exploration, experiential learning, entrepreneurship and connection to meaningful careers.


Vision of E3 Achievement

E3 Achievement is recognized as a leader in experiential learning, education, and exploration of career paths and entrepreneurship. Students are empowered to improve their lives and economic well-being as an outcome of being engaged with E3 Achievement.


Organizational Values of E3 Achievement

vAccess to Education and Experience:

E3 Achievement is committed to providing education in a hands-on learning environment for its students. We will foster the progress of each student, and encourage life-long learning. We support the practical value of education as a means of economic and personal advancement and assist each student to achieve their highest level of personal and social development.

vAccess to Opportunity:

Where we start in life shouldn’t determine where we end up. Hard work, creativity, education and perseverance can change each person’s future. E3 Achievement commits to being the place where ‘potential meets opportunity’. 

vEquality and Inclusiveness:

We embrace the potential of every person. Therefore, we seek to include, engage, and support a diverse group of students, staff, and members of our Board. We commit to celebrating differences, challenging stereotypes, and removing barriers wherever they exist. Further, we commit to acting as advocates for inclusiveness and equality in the communities in which we serve.

vVoice and Self-Determination:

We should all have a say in the decisions that affect us. E3 Achievement commits to supporting student’s choices and decisions based on their preferences and interests and to help facilitate their personal growth and the development of their leadership skills. Expanding opportunity means listening to the ideas, hopes and dreams of everyone who is a part of our community. The chance to explore what the world has to offer is a closely held value of our organization.


We all grow and change over time and need a chance to start over when things go wrong.

To foster redemption we must provide conditions that allow people to develop, rebuild, and reclaim full responsibility for their lives. E3 Achievement facilitates ‘second chances’ in our programs for all that need them. 

vSecurity and Self-Sufficiency:

We should all have the tools to meet our own basic needs and the needs of our families. For us to thrive and fully take part in our community – with all of its rights and responsibilities - we must have the tools and access to opportunity to take care of our needs. This is a basic human right.


Serving others is transformative. E3 Achievement values the collaboration of our students with external partners to address mutual interests and community needs. We commit to promoting, encouraging, and facilitating our staff and students to be active citizens. We support service learning, social entrepreneurship, and volunteer opportunities. Mahatma Gandhi said, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."  We believe this to be true and a valuable way to give back while gaining experience and understanding.


We will be good stewards of all we receive. E3 Achievement values the guiding principles of sustainability in helping to meet the current needs of our students and organization without compromising the needs and resources for the future. Therefore, we will practice excellence in stewardship, creating efficiencies and value for the work that we perform.