Entrepreneurship 101:

This course’s focus is on understanding the world of business and discovering opportunities using the Generation E entrepreneurial curriculum and E3 Achievement’s sublimation workshop. Each student has the opportunity to learn hands-on how to develop their own line of sublimated products. They learn about design, marketing, sales strategies, and customer service.  E3 Achievement has photography, graphic design and sublimation equipment for students to use to get first-hand experience in the creation and sale of a product or service.  This course is also about acquiring acceptable work habits (addressing absences, tardiness, teamwork, problem solving, positive attitude, working safely and increasing awareness of areas of interest / abilities).

For some students, this will be the opportunity to learn basic business aptitude, gain soft skills, and hone critical thinking ability that allows them to be more employable. For others, it will be a stepping stone to ongoing entrepreneurial ventures.


Career Academy Workshops:

E3 Achievement’s Career Academy offers a variety of classes, workshops and one-on-one mentoring that address work readiness, goal setting, transferrable skill identification, resume preparation, job search, interviewing techniques, and career coaching.  Note: These class offerings can be delivered in tandem with other programs at other locations, if requested.


Customer Service Skills Training:

This certificate program delivers a curriculum that prepares the student for a wide variety of jobs that interact with the public. Focus is on face-to-face and telephone interaction. Skills acquired include listening and effective communication, managing customer expectations, handling conflicts, up-selling and creating value added opportunities, understanding basic principles of behavioral psychology to ‘read’ customers, time management and handling surprises.


Women On Working (WOW):

Monthly meeting of women who are job seeking, interested in career laddering, or exploring  entrepreneurial ventures. Focus is on removing barriers to success, presentation skills, exploring career options.


Social Entrepreneurship and Service Learning:

Classes available for older youth.  In this class, students work together to select a local organization to assist through the process of raising funds and awareness of that organization’s mission. Students gain hard skills (photography, sublimation, marketing strategies) and use them to create products to use in a fundraising event given for the organization. This allows the youth to give back to a local cause while gaining skills and an understanding of business strategies. It explores social entrepreneurship – or creating a business or process that pursues innovative solutions to social problems.

Adult Literacy Services:

Workplace, contextual, adult basic education delivered with tutors one-on-one and in small group settings. E3 Achievement works with local partners and the Kalamazoo Literacy Council to train and organize volunteer tutors and literacy professionals to address low reading attainment. Volunteer tutors are being sought. Contact the E3 Achievement office for more information at 269-924-7247.

Would you like to support adult literacy in Calhoun County?  Join us November 3, 2016 for Read Between the Wines!